KIA Lease Specials in Minnesota


If you are like many Americans, then you probably like the idea of being able to upgrade your vehicle every couple years.  You like having the latest features and gadgets in your vehicles, and appreciate the latest designs.  If this is you, then you should definitely consider leasing your next vehicle.  Leasing is typically done in 24-36 month agreements, giving you the freedom to upgrade more often.

How a KIA Lease Works

The reason why leases are often cheaper than buying the same vehicle is that you are paying a % of the total vehicle value over the time period, and not the full amount.  The percent that you are paying depends on the specific model, but lease rates are consistently lower than buying because of this.  If you are curious what some payments may look like, then please give us a call.

Some things that impact your rate are your creditworthiness, down payment, the vehicle and current incentives.  KIA occasionally offers incentivized leases that bring even lower payments.  To learn more about current incentives you can either check the KIA website, or simply call us.

Minnesota Car Lease Deals

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