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When in the market for a new Jeep in Saint Paul, Minnesota, escape the metropolitan madness with a trip north to White Bear Lake and the hassle-free shopping experience at Barnett Auto. The White Bear Lake dealership has been in the Barnett family for 60 years, dedicatedly serving the customers of Jeep in St. Paul, and the greater Twin Cities area. The years of reliable service to St. Paul Jeep customers have proven Barnett Auto worthy of its reputation for having the largest inventory of Jeep vehicles and the best customer service around.The huge inventory always available at Barnett Auto in scenic White Bear Lake isn't just large, it's one of the best selections of new Jeeps that can be found around the country. Barnett Auto has on display for the customers of Jeep in St. Paul all the best that the rugged and time-tested brand of Jeep has to offer. St. Paul Jeep customers are encouraged to swing by for a test drive. Jeep's Wrangler, the Renegade, the Patriot and Grand Cherokee - along with all the rest of the late model Jeep lineup - is waiting at Barnett Auto.

Barnett Auto also takes great pride in providing St. Paul Jeep customers with an outstanding shopping experience. The dedicated, honest, professional sales and service team at Barnett Auto is ready and willing to help with any part of the car-buying process. St. Paul Jeep customers should visit Barnett Auto to see just how much better things can be at Barnett Auto in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Why buy from Barnett Auto?

St. Paul Jeep customers have described enjoying many aspects of the car-buying experience at Barnett Auto in White Bear Lake. Here are three of the elements of which Barnett Auto is most proud:

  1. Excellent Customer Service. Barnett Auto's goal is that St. Paul Jeep customers get a personal shopping experience, one which helps every driver to find the vehicle that best fits their driving needs. The professionals at Barnett Auto are helpful, knowledgeable, honest and dedicated. Be sure to read a few of the satisfied customer reviews of Barnett Auto for more details.
  3. Extensive Inventory of Jeep Vehicles. The inventory of Jeep on hand at Barnett Auto in White Bear Lake makes it easy to find the right vehicle. As Barnett Auto is proud to point out, the inventory at the White Bear Lake dealership is one of the largest of any in the country. The vast selection and stellar customer service leave really no reason for St. Paul Jeep customers to shop anywhere else.
  5. Convenient Location. Barnett Auto in White Bear Lake is only a 15-minute drive from St. Paul. It's a short trips that pays off immediately with a selection of the best new Jeep vehicles and a uniquely pleasant car-buying experience. Stop in at Barnett Auto today to see the difference that is a Barnett family tradition.

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